Carrick Milk Collection System

Carrick Milk Collection System

Concept to Reality

In August 2021 we reached out to a local software startup called Perspic and asked if they could build us a portal for an idea that we had.

We wanted to create a new milk collection system to pair with our milk collection tankers.

By November 2021 Carrick Engineering and Perspic were on a flight to Proces Data HQ in Denmark for a week-long intense training week in programming Proces Data modules (the components used for the Carrick Milk Collection System).

Only then did we realise how much work was ahead in developing our own system and that it was not only a portal that we needed to develop – it was a full Vigo6 programme to control all elements on-board a milk tanker.

Currently we have multiple European approved milk collection systems operating daily across our customers’ milk collection tanker fleets.

Complete Solution for Milk Collection


Carrick Engineering’s senior design staff plan a bespoke pipework layout to suit customers needs. The pipework system can be fully automated using programmed automated valves to remove any human error element in milk collection. 

Proportionally Controlled Hydraulics

Carrick Engineering uses the latest hydraulics technology to proportionally control motors and pumps to enable efficient and quick milk collection without damaging system components.

Carrick Proportional Sampler

Say goodbye to silicone tubes thanks to our ground breaking sampling technology. Hygienic, accurate and safe. Proportionally controlled by the Carrick Milk Collection System to provide accurate milk samples for farm collections and full tanker load.

Data Collection & Processing

Our partners Perspic are experts in data collection, processing and reporting. Data is collected in real time and a range of bespoke reporting methods are available to the end user. Each customer has their own stand-alone platform and dedicated cloud-based server is provided.

Certifications & Approvals

Module B EU-type examination under directive 2014/32/EU (MID)

The Carrick Milk Collection System is EU-type certified which means it meets all regulatory requirements for commercial use in European markets.

‘EU-type examination’ is the part of a conformity assessment procedure in which a notified body examines the technical design of an instrument and verifies and attests that the technical design of the instrument meets the requirements of this Directive that apply to it.